Working with Suzanne was incredible, we had so many laughs and I would do it all over again if I could! You know you have a good photographer when she puts the life of her phone in danger while trying to get a great shot! Lesson learned, do not keep your iPhone in your back pocket...
— Abby, Class of 2016

See that crazy chick up there playing with the senior's hair, double chin and all?  That's entirely and unapologetically ME...the high school senior photographer who isn't afraid to show my fun intensity and help to bring out your own kind of epic in pictures.

For most of my childhood, that precocious personality of mine didn't always land me in the teacher's pet spot. It started in kindergarten where my teacher did not appreciate my literal need to color outside the lines on EVERY worksheet (or copy from my neighbors' papers). My high school art teacher laughed at my projects in front of the class. Convinced I was BORING, I took the easy way out. I went with the flow of what adults in my life thought I should do and led a predictable life until my late 20s.  It wasn't all that bad. A master's degree in Speech Pathology serves a gal well with phenomenal individuals who I still call "my kids" and smother in hugs when I see them.

I picked up a camera again (I secretly played around in high school with one...but I just "knew" I didn't have any talent) after having my third child because it didn't involve diapers or late-night report writing for my day job.  It had been over 13 years since I'd photographed anything more than one of my children's birthdays because who has time to "capture every fleeting moment?!"  I'm not one of those photographers that felt compelled to photograph my children or my life #momoftheyear. But, really, I'm an awesome mom and have the fantastic kids to prove it.

I hang out with the coolest people, enable a little life-dreaming in my seniors and get paid to make a fool of myself.  I kind of want to find those old teachers and have a chat about how their harsh impressions marked me but life isn't about the blame game, it's about finding your purpose and your values...and winning at life.

So, I want to meet you because I'm pretty sure you'd make it into my tribe.  If you see me in person running around my town, Berkeley Springs, WV, make sure to say hello, I LOVE when people do that.  Follow me on social media using those cute icons, I'm a bit of a junkie.  Don't you dare leave before checking out my work here and there!

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