You can’t have everything you want,
but you can have the things that really matter to you.
— Marissa Mayer

"Is this HUSTLE really worth it?"

Imagine if you ran your photography business with the confidence to unapologetically choose what works for the good of your PURPOSE and not just your profit? To walk boldly into every decision, you must first understand what is deeply rooted in every part of who you are and who you are meant to become. A photographer who understands themselves from the inside out can convey it authentically with their clients and in their images.

I can help you.

I created the online course, INSIDE OUT, for the beginning photographer to the pro photographer who has followed all of the best industry advice and still feels that something is "off." You may be scared to admit that you are unsure of who you really are and how you can deliver your BEST self to your clients, your work and your loved ones. You may be wondering if having a business is even meant for you.

Together, we will identify the three most important areas that impact your business and your personal life. 

Core Values + Natural Gifts + Season in Life

I will challenge you to think deeper than you ever have before about your core values, your natural gifts and how your season in life impact every business decision. Limiting beliefs and personal judgments about yourself, others (including your clients) and your future potential success will be things of the past. Together, let's build the unwavering faith to propel you into meaningful ACTION and CONTENTMENT.

You will receive an email with course content, chapter by chapter. In addition, you will be granted membership to my private Facebook community where you can learn from others and have access to me as well. Brainstorming sessions will be on the regular!