So, you probably think I had plans of becoming a photographer

all along...

Ha! Let me tell you a boring story...I was a natural (um, kind of LOUD) extrovert but growing up in a house full of quiet, reserved people didn't lend itself to my kind of crazy. So, naturally, I did what made sense so that I could thrive. I changed who I was to fit in, to make life easier for everyone. I quieted my spirit. I talked myself out of my own feelings. So, by the time my senior year came, I genuinely had no idea of who I was or what I wanted to do after high school.

Am I angry at what I did to "survive?"

Nope. But I I missed out on really cool opportunities to find my place in the world because I was a watered-down version of myself.

You've come to the right place IF you answer yes to any of these statements...

You're doing all the "right" things the adults tell you to do but you still feel lost or stuck, something feels off.

You're scared to admit you have no idea who you really are but you're dying to find out.

You're struggling to find your place in the world, wondering if you are missing out on something, life is just too much to take on.

You want more meaning, more answers, more focus, more purpose...more EPIC stuff in your life. You deserve it.

I created the Define Your Epic Commitment Course after commiserating with my teen clients, students and youth group members as they wrestled with the crazy notion that they should be apologize for who they are, only accepting the "good" parts of themselves while trying to deny their entire awesome personality.


This course was created for teens in Grades 9-12.  It is not about what you do or even what you achieve after we're finished. It's about who you become in the process. But to define your own epicness and see dramatic results, it will require you to make dramatic changes.  It's about making the most of every day to bring about the next best moments. And you better believe I'm going to hold you to it.

In this course, I will challenge you and provide the tools to:

  • Think deeper than you ever have before about your core values and your personality and how they impact your every decision
  • Overcome the obstacles you're facing and how to choose the battles worth the effort and forget about those that aren't
  • Identify and face your fears, your limiting beliefs and personal judgments about yourself, others, and your future
  • Build the faith that will propel you into the actual pursuit of the big and small (really, really cool) things 


I guarantee that who you become through this course WILL change your life.